The Wapta traverse is one of the many gems of the Canadian Rockies. Situated along the great divide just north of Lake Louise, it follows a high glaciated route connecting two icefields, the Wapta and the Waputic. Most of the peaks that encompass the area are over 3000m in elevation and of these, most can be skied, all can be climbed.

There are four alpine hut that are situated in perfect spots along the traverse. They offer a great place to sleep and all the cooking supplies that are necessary to have a great meal at the end of the day. The hut are relatively close together, offering less travel with big packs and more time exploring the peaks and skiing the runs you want without the burden of heavy packs. Both summer and winter we will be learning the skills of crevasse rescue throughout the week.

Objectives in the area are Mt. Gordon (3200m), Mt. Olive (3130m) , Mt. Rhonda (3055m), Mt. Thompson (3065m), Mt. Collie (3115m), Mt. Balfour (3272m), Mt. St. Nicholas (2970m).

Whether you would like to ski this traverse during the winter or have a mountaineering extravaganza during the summer, the Wapta is a great place to enjoy a holiday.

Level of Difficulty

The Wapta is not technically difficult , however you should have a good level of fitness before the start of the trip. If you are on skies, being a moderate skier would be necessary. Both summer and winter you should be able to carry a 16-20kg (35-40lbs) pack for at least 4 to 6 hours. You will be obligated to share the weight of group gear and food.

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