Rogers Pass

On November 7th 1885 the Canadian Pacific Railway finished the trans-Canada rail. It was CPR that realized the potential of Rogers Pass and the opportunity for tourism and mountaineering within close proximity of Glacier House, nestled in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains (remains still exist up the Illecillewaet river, close to the Wheeler hut). It was CPR who hired Swiss Mountain Guides to come and climb all the peaks in the area with the guests of the CPR. Rogers Pass, in Glacier National Park has a rich history of alpine climbing. Little did it know decades later it would also be a meca for ski touring and attract international clientele.


During the Summer months the quartzite peaks that surround the valley that now boasts a hotel, Huts, and campgrounds, sees only a handful of people who are willing to venture into the peaks that were first climbed over 100 years ago.

The ultra-classic Northwest Ridge of Mt. Sir Donald is one of the most aesthetic lines in the range. There are many other incredible peaks to climb while you are in the Pass such as Mt. Uto, Mt. Tupper, The Swiss peaks. If you would like more mountaineering objective there objectives such as Youngs Peak.


At some point during October the snow starts falling into the high peaks of Rogers Pass. Soon after, there is a thick blanket of the finest powder snow covering the entire range. This is Rogers Pass in the winter. With an annual snow fall of about 10m (30ft), you can only imagine how good the deep powder feels on your face as you fly though it.

The options are limitless here, the moment you leave the warmth of the hotel or the hut you can be skiing up, there is no approach. You can ski the classic Seven steps of Paradise or do laps on the Dome, or we can find a little remote area and enjoy it all to ourselves. If you are interested there are also may circuit that travel through this amazing backyard we have.

Even when you are skiing uphill, you will have a grin on your face.

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