Mt. Columbia (3747m), North Twin (3730m), Twin Towers (3640m), Mt. Alberta (3619m), South Twin (3580m), Mt. Temple (3543m), Mt. Athabasca (3491m), Mt. Kitchener (3480m), Mt. Victoria (3464m), Snow Dome (3451m), Mt. Andromeda (3450m), Mt. Lefroy (3428m), Mt. Hector (3394m), Mt. Huber (3368m), Mt. Edith Cavell (3363m)

Here are 15 amazing peaks, with many more over 11`000 feet at your finger tips. The Canadian Rockies are saturated with unbelievable mountains that offer limitless options for your adventurous mind.

Nestled high up in the Lake Louise mountains is the Abbott Hut, operated by the Alpine Club of Canada. Sitting between Mt. Lefroy and Mt. Victoria, this hut offers a good opportunity at conquering both peaks in a 3-day trip. Lake Louise has many more peaks well worth bagging to add to your alpine tick list.

If an expedition style trip is what you are looking for, then we can head to the Columbia Icefields. Basing ourselves out of tents we can climb the second highest mountain, Mt. Columbia, as well as many more high peaks in the area.

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