The Bugaboos, situated in the Purcell Mountains, is a magical alpine playground where massive granite spires pierce the ancient glacier ice. The spires are among the best in the world, and climbers from around the world come to climb their select routes. The four main spires are Bugaboo, Snowpatch, Pigeon and Howser, conveniently they all have routes that have a rating of below 5.10.

Classics such as West Ridge of Pigeon Spire, the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire, the Snowpatch Route on Snowpatch Spire, or the near 800m 5.8-5.9 Becky-Chouinard route on the South Howser Tower, are just the corner stones of this beautiful place.

If you are interested in a shorter day, there are Crescent Tower and Crescent Spire to wet your appetite.

While climbing here we will stay at the famous Conrad Kaine Hut. The Kaine hut is situated at the base of Snowpatch, Bugaboo and Crescent spires. The hut is equipped with dorm style beds and a kitchen with electricity. Yes, there is hot water.

The Bugaboos is one place any climber should have the fortune in saying they have been.

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